Business is closing!                                                               Blankets on CLEARANCE!

Lillamonsters is a woman-owned home-based business, started in 2000.  All blankets are hand crafted by me, Lilla, the chief monster, assuring top quality and unique creations.
I am a perfectionist and I strive to make each blanket be the perfect blanket; the blanket you would make as a special gift if you had the time or skills.
I firmly believe that having a special security blanket will help a child grow into a more stable adult. (Child shrinks do back me up on this.) And since so many kids take their security blankets into the future (to preschool or hidden beneath their pillow in their college dorm), I offer blankets that have a more "fun" design and are well made. 
I usually make each baby blanket as the orders come in, thus allowing flexibilty for custom orders.  
**Advice to parents:  NEVER get rid of a child's security blanket no matter what the condition!  I have heard way too many sob stories from adults still traumatized by the loss of their blankie! 
Almost all my customers come back for more - either because of their child's  response to the blankets, or the ohhs and ahhs the blanket  gets at the baby shower. I am very proud of my product and I hope you'll support me in my effort to get a Lillamonsters blanket into the hands of every child.

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